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Finding my balance

If you're following me on Instagram you see and hear more of me. Over here it's been very quiet and there's several reasons for that.

Thanks to Human Design and a reading I received I became empowered to embrace the way I work with a lot more ease than before.

I'm a Projector and rely on the energy of others to make things happen. I also have to be invited to do so. If I share myself without being asked to, others can't really accept it which leads to frustration (most likely on both sides).

So instead of hustling and trying to provide new content and keep up the game on social media, I've decided to lean back, let people see what I have put out there so far and if someone feels the call to work with me, they will get in touch or they won't.

Holy cow, folks, what a relief that has brought into my life!!

There's so many things I come up with, so many videos and podcast episodes I'd love to put out there for you, but unless you directly ask for it, I won't be doing nothing!

Because as a Projector I need the energy exchange with others in order to have the necessary energy to create and make stuff happen.

One of my German followers just asked me recently how to connect with their power animal and that very evening I sat down and recorded a guided meditation, which is now also available on my YouTube channel (in German).

That's how it works with me and that's how I'll be putting new content out there from now on.

Ask and you shall receive. Happily so!

Bilingual posts and the challenge of their aesthetic

Maybe you know or don't know that I have two IG accounts. One is gaias.healing (German) and the other is gaias_gal (English).

At first I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to handle the blog, homepage and IG bilingually. Deciding to keep both IG accounts in one language each helped and now I've decided to do something similar with my blog posts.

Each post will be published in one language only from now on. There will also be posts that'll be available in one language only, because some things resonate totally with one language, while not at all in the other.

Light language for example is something I haven't touched at all on gaias.healing, because I can feel that most German followers have trouble to grasp it, while especially people I know from the US are a lot more open to it.

So please don't be confused, if sometimes you'll only get a post in German in your inbox, in case you subscribed to my blog. If you feel that you really want to know what I'm talking about, there are translation options and if those leave you unsatisfied, always remember: Ask and you shall receive ;)

Besides I was never really happy with how blog posts looked, posting them with a translation at the bottom, pictures repeating and stuff... I can be vain AF!

Energy exchange for my gifts

Another thing I've decided to change is the fact that I won't be taking money in exchange for readings and/or energy work with me anymore.

It never felt good to do so. My work for Gaia's Healing is not about money, never was and never will be. I have no plans at all to ever make it my source of income, because that would put a pressure behind it, which I really don't want to have.

Instead I began asking for things such as books, oracle cards, plants, a Koshi chime... all lovely things I'm using do expand my knowledge and which are directly related to my work for Gaia's Healing.

That means I won't ever be able to tell beforehand what exchange I'd like, but we will figure it out together and I'm always up to talk about it. Where there's a will there's a way and it's important to me that everyone who feels called to work with me has the option to do so.

Getting settled back in Germany

Since August 2020 I'm back in my home country, in April 2021 I moved into a beautiful new home that makes me feel like I can finally spread some roots again.

Of course Germany was always home in a sense and I immediately reconnected, but it hasn't been until recently that I felt like truly getting settled.

It's beautiful and I love to wake up, step on my balcony and connect with Gaia here. I mean, just see for yourself how it looks while I'm writing this.

It's like stepping right into the forest, which starts behind the house, I don't even need to leave the apartment and I love it! Here I can recharge and let go.

This is where I come from and I resonate strongly with the very earthy energies here. It gives me the grounding and connection I need to reach into heights so far unknown.

That also requires to look at all the mud on the bottom though. And stirring that up is very unpleasant at times, but also part of the journey. It's part of being human and I wouldn't want it any other way. Honestly.

Being human means being messy, trying and failing. Trying again, failing again and yet making the most of it, learning from it. Everything is allowed to be whatever it is.

So give yourself permission.

I'll see you on the other side!

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