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For Gaia and you

Welcome to my offerings. Here you'll find how I may be of service to you. After a lot of thinking and even more experience I've decided to offer only the Akashic Mentoring via Zoom. Energy work in person is just so much more powerful, than online and I really prefer to have one-on-one sessions, rather than groups.

​One of the greatest gifts I was given, is the ability to truly see people. I see you, as you are. I can feel what goes on beneath the surface. And since I offer you a safe space, there is no need to hide or pretend. Together we can dive into your shadows and bring light to what is ready to be transformed.

Deciding to exchange energies with me is also a decision to go deep and to commit to your spiritual journey. So before we agree to walk part of our paths together, it is a requirement to have a short introduction (30min max., free of ch) beforehand. Thus we'll have a chance to get to know each other and figure out, if our energies resonate. The interview can be held via Zoom or WhatsApp.

Akashic Mentoring

Only via Zoom.

Interpreting and integrating the messages from an Akashic Reading is the challenging part. But also the juicy one and instead of merely passing on what your records want to share with you, I'll support you ways beyond. Be ready to dive deep.

Live Channeling

Via Zoom, or in Heidelberg.

​If you seek answers from your Spirit Guides, a Power Animal or any other entity, then a live channeling is where you can receive them.


Also known as "Mail from Spirit".

​It's a service which I Iearned, is serving everyone the most, when I feel like offering it. Follow me on Instagram, or sign up for my newsletter, to be up to date on openings.

Harmonizing your Chakras

Only in Heidelberg.

​Together we will feel our way through your chakras, see what we can do about any blockages and help you get back into the flow of your energy.

​Energetic Cleansing

Only in Heidelberg.

​If you feel like something needs to go, and are in need of some support, reach out and we will find a way to bring more ease into your life again. You deserve to shine bright.

Cord Cutting

Only in Heidelberg.

We are all connected. That is wonderful and yet there are connections, which no longer serve us and are ready to go. I'm here to support you with that process and show you, which method may be best for you.

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In the menu above you can choose the language and you'll find some more infos about my background, testimonials, the blog, podcast and newsletter, as well as the option to send me a message.

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