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Hi, I'm Mandy

How wonderful, that you are here! It took me quite a long time, to create this "about me" page, because my mission with Gaia's Healing is not about me, but all about what I can do for you. So here I'll stick to what I hope will be of interest to you about my path here on earth.

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Parts of my path

My soul had decided that September 1984 was a good time to reincarnate once more on this earth. My family was and is entirely unspiritual and focused on the 3D realm. It took until my teenage days to get in touch with witchcraft through a friend of mine. Thanks to her I found out that there even was a metaphysical store in the next town.

The lady who owned the shop was a wonderful person and introduced me into the world of tarot, pendulums and healing stones. The store was tiny, but full of great energy. I even attended workshops and went to a metaphysical fair for the first time. Those were my first steps on the path of awakening.

At the end of my teens I fell completely asleep again, since school and my further education became more important. Looking back it didn't take that long though to make my first psychic experience.

It was at the beginning of my 20s when I first got in touch with one of my spirit guides, although I didn't even know that word back then and actually though he was a guardian angel. This happened during the gap year between school and university.

Spirit guides communicate with me mainly through clairaudience, but when I focus I also receive images through clairvoyance. That's how it was back then and I never questioned it, or thought that I'm going crazy, or am making it up. Right from the start it was something entirely natural to me.


Once I started university I fell asleep again for a couple of years. Spirituality played no conscious part in my life, but I always made all important and life-changing decisions through intuition. Back then I called it my gut-instinct, today I know they're the same.

That's how I was guided to a year abroad for studies in Italy, moving on to Vienna for three years and then to Japan for another seven years, before finally returning to Germany in August 2020.

Japan was necessary for my spiritual development in all areas! But even that didn't happen until the first five years there went by.

A quote from Anais Nin sums it up perfectly:

I have cr​eated the isolation  in which I find myself.

As a foreigner it's not impossible to integrate yourself into society, but because of the language it also isn't easy to make real friends. During the first couple years I worked a great lot, giving private lessons in English also during my spare time. Until I reached a point, where I simply didn't want to work al the time anymore.  There was just no necessity for that. So that's how I began to take more time for myself. At first unconsciously.

Consciousness came with January 2019, thanks to a mindfulness webinar. Luckily they didn't mention beforehand anything about meditation, otherwise I would most likely not have signed up (back then I thought sitting still in silence while thinking nothing was required to meditate). Through a mindfulness practice I slipped into a meditation routine as a side-effect and realized that there are many different ways of meditation and how beneficial guided meditations can be.

Without the distraction through a circle of friends or family around, I began to find a way to the deeper layers of my self for the first time in my life. Mindfulness guided me into my body first, into awareness of what is inside of me, of the moment. After that everything else developed rapidly. It was as if Spirit had only ben waiting for me to finally make the first step, to create the space so that everything I needed for my spiritual development could find its way to me.

Podcasts lead my way to Samantha Fey and her "Be Your Own Psychic" webinar. Apart from practicing intuitively for myself and close friends, this was the first time that I learned how to use my skills methodically and consciously for others. Most of all it was a great chance to finally receive validation from people that were outside my usual circle and about whom I didn't know anything beforehand.

After that I felt an incredible urge to help so many other people on their way, through channeling messages. What followed was an Odyssee through various groups on FaceBook, during which I didn't find what I was looking for. Instead  I made my first negative experiences, which was a huge learning! It taught me, amongst other lessons, to really trust my intuition, if it raises any red flags and that indeed there are people out there, who will use their skills to exert power over others and send out negative energies, while making it look like they have your best interests at heart.

Towards the end of 2019 I crossed paths with Andye Murphy, with whom I worked together a lot, resulting in my initiation into the Akashic Records in the springtime of 2020.

As I am writing this, it is September 2023. Just a few years after fully awakening into my psychic abilities and spiritual path. To some of you, this might seem short, especially since I often come across many others, who say about themselves that they've been on their path for yeeeaars already and since their early childhood they felt different from other kids. This might well be the case, but my experience has taught me, that the amount of years during which one engaged with metaphysical matters is of little to no significance. Quantifying anything is part of a limiting mindset and when I have exchanges with people in their early 20s, then they are  now already in a mental and spiritual stage in their life, where I was a decade later!

Back in Germany Spirit granted me a huge wish: Finding employment in a mineral store! On other words, I'm selling rocks and even though my bosses don't believe in the healing powers of stones, they respect anyone who does. So I found myself in an environment, where I can at least in parts also share my spiritual experiences, while being mindful, because not everyone is into that when it comes to minerals. Besides I keep my full time employment and my work for Gaia's Healing strictly separate and don't use the store to gain more clients.

Being back in my homecountry for three years has allowed me to get properly rooted again. So Gaia's Healing is growing step by step in a healthy and organic way. In early summer of 2023 I finally found the right rooms to offer sessions for both groups and one-on-one, which was a huge step up for me! By now I'm allowing myself to dream even bigger, in ways I hadn't dared before. But this is a process, which will need a few more years of planning. Processes always need time and don't happen from one day to the next. My awakening also didn't occur all of a sudden, but took decades.

I consider myself worth that time and energy and I hope you feel the same about yourself.

If you read through all of this, then I want to express my sincere gratitude! In a world in which everything should be 

said within 60 seconds and very few people have a longer span of attention, I find it all the more remarkable, when someone takes time to go deep. Then you have come to the right place and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Feel free to send me an email, or get in touch through WhatsApp! 

+49 (0) 163 867 4858

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