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Your Voices on My Gifts

~Thank you so much!~


Hey Mandy!


I hope you're having a beautiful day. =)


I wanted to write you and let you know how our Akashic Records reading has integrated over the past few months, and give you your testimonial!


Our experience together was kind, gentle, profound, and impactful. Thank you, for holding a safe space with integrity and a lovely flow of calm, grounding energy. I felt supported the entire time, and secure in the wisdom you were sharing with me.


This reading introduced me to the outer layers of what the next part of my journey - my inner work - were to be.


As the weeks & months passed following our time together, the words you shared and the guidance I received revealed themselves to me, piece by piece & layer by layer.


Thank you, so much, for channeling the words I was ready to hear, and gifting me the knowledge I needed to weather the storms ahead of me with understanding, resilience, and grace.


Thank you, for your medicine!




Charles Quijada Turlington


I know Charles through Andye and he does wonderful craniosacral work! You can find his homepage at Queen City Healing Arts, as well as his Instagram .

I was very excited about the reading from the Akashic Record.


I came to Mandy's reading by accident and I am glad that it happened.


I liked Mandy straight away. With her gentle voice, she helped me to immediately feel comfortable. After her opening prayer, I immediately felt a deep sense of gratitude. For her hard work, for her understanding, for her prayer for me and for sharing her skills.


I could clearly feel everything she had described to me. From a buzzing in the ears, to tremors, an internal and external tension to a more relaxed state and the pleasant goosebumps and the grateful feeling of not being alone, it was as if she was looking straight into me.


She strengthened me in my, already existing, knowledge about my condition and was able to take an incredible pressure off my shoulders through the mediation that she led me through. I am extremely grateful for that.

My path is becoming clearer and I now have a strong starting point from which I can start to build up.


Thanks Mandy. It was really an experience and a great gift for me :)

Simone W., 32

Akashic Record Reading

Dear Mandy,

Thank you very much for this fine energetic work. With your loving, at the same time humorous and refreshing way you described my spirit guide to me as if they were standing in front of me and I could almost feel their presence physically ..

I had encountered some connections before - but when they reappeared at your reading, you were as touched as I was.

I took specific tips with me for my further process as well as your own experiences, which you also pass on openly and gladly.

Thank you for that.

Judith Beuschel, 56

Akashic Record Reading


Judith offers holistic body and energy work. Here you can find her page.

I had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic Record reading from Mandy.


Wow, it touched me deeply and inspired me.

The detailed messages, insights and aha-wow moments filled me with gratitude.

Mandy does the reading with a lot of calmness, empathy and everything in a protected space where you can be very open and honest.


She takes a lot of time and is absolutely free of any judgment.

I felt understood, in good hands and would book a reading again at any time.

Thank you Mandy for your natural and open manner, you have helped me enormously for my next important step.


The Akashic reading is a wonderful job that you do with so much love ...

Dragana Kajkut

Akashic Record Reading


Dragana does wonderful energy work herself. Take a look at her page: Licht und Schatten

I felt very comfortable with you, it was very exciting. "

Benjamin Rathgeber from

Radio Tiefsinn

A really great podcast that you should definitely listen to (in German)!

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