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Cord Cutting

We are all connected with each other. With some people more than others. Unfortunately such connections are not always good for us and in such cases it can be beneficial to let go of what feels like a burden to you.

In my experience one session won't do, although after the first step usually there is a significant relief and change already. However if you decide to work with me, you sign up for the deep dive and I want to provide energy work with a lasting effect, which goes beyond momentary ease and empowers you instead.


So I offer cord cuttings only as a package:

3 sessions of 45 minutes each, in Heidelberg, exchange for all sessions together150 Euro.

What is yours?

And what is not yours? What belongs to others? Especially those with whom you share strong bonds. What energies do you exchange? Which of those would you like to let go of and what may stay?

​Because cutting cords won't cut out a person entirely from your life!

Step by Step

When cutting cords, its important to figure out what exactly you want to let go and then to proceed in doing so with respect and acceptance. On your own this can be challenging, which is why I'm here to support and guide you through this process.

Processes always take time, so we will proceed with mindfulness and care to serve your highest good. I want this to have a lasting effect for you and your life. So that you can life again more freely, empowered and conscious.

Air to Breathe

As in many cases guided meditations are one way to cut cords. I also love to use my selenite sword or wands during this process,  because they are amazing tools for cleansing and cutting gently, but intently.

I can't give ready-made formulas for any kind of energy work, since every person is different and deserves to be treated according to their individual needs. But during an introduction (free of charge, 30min. max.) I will get an idea of how I can support you on your way and we will talk about what could work best for you.

Get in touch

Both the introduction via Zoom or WhatsApp (whichever you prefer), as well as the cord cutting itself in Heidelberg I only offer on weekends, since I work a fulltime job. If you're interested to see how I may help you, please send me a message and let me know a few dates of your convenience for the free introduction. Thank you so much!

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I'd like to have the introduction via:
Thank you so much for your interest in a cord cutting with me! I'll be in touch very soon.
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