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Energetic Cleansing

For your wellbeing on the inside, so that you may shine brightly on the outside again too.

Apart from a session together, it really matters to me to show you ways, with which you can help and impower yourself beyond my service to you.

Only in person in Heidelberg.

45 Minuten, 55 Euro.

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As within, so without

Our environment is a mirror of the self and what we carry inside of us.

​Do you feel as if it's hard to feel positively about yourself and others? Does it seem as if the people around you react negatively to you? Is there something that makes you feel as if you're stuck inside yourself?


Such phases are natural and a part of life. But that doesn't mean, that you should just wait for it to pass by. There are ways to make such times easier and to bring some relief, so you ca move on in life.

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Individually for you

Every single person is unique and has different needs. So every energetic cleansing is different as well. During a first introduction via Zoom or WhatsApp (30min. max., free of charge) I'd like to  hear about what bothers you, so that I can get an idea of how to be of service to your highest good.


There are different ways and methods for energetic cleansings, such as the use of singing bowls, essential oils, chakra work or using incense, to name a few.

During our introduction I will get an impression of what might be most beneficial for you and we will choose a path that is in alignment with your individual needs.

Get in touch

Both the introduction via Zoom or WhatsApp (whichever you prefer), as well as the energetic cleansing itself in Heidelberg I only offer on weekends, since I work a fulltime job. If you're interested to see how I may help you, please send me a message and let me know a few dates of your convenience for the free introduction. Thank you so much!

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I'd like to have the introduction via:
Thank you so much for your interest in an energetic cleansing with me, I'll be in touch soon!
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