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Akashic Mentoring

So much more than just a reading

Akashic Readings are hands-down my favorite form of energy-work! I love diving into Akashic Records and it is a journey we will go on together, both during the reading, as well as after. 

​Experience has taught me, that it's easy to just pass on the messages from your Akashic Records. But in order to experience true transformation, it's imperative that you understand and integrate those messages into your daily life. And that is the true challenge. With only one session it's impossible to provide the necessary space for that.

If you decide to work with me, you sign up for diving deep. I'm done with Akashic Readings which only serve to check off questions from a list, or to satisfy your ego. All forms of energy-work are sacred to me, but Akashic Readings hold a very special place in my heart and are not to be taken lightly. The transformative potential of these readings is often mentioned, but only achieved through a process. Your life won't  automatically transform after just a reading. Transformation needs time and I will be by your side for the first steps after the reading to help you get the process of true transformation started.

That's why I offer Akashic Readings only  as a mentoring from now on. Which means you'll receive the following:

  • a reading of your Akashic Records (90min max.)

  • two follow-up sessions to look at the messages you received and to help you integrate them into your daily life (60min. max per session)

  • recordings of all sessions, which we will have on Zoom, so you'll have access to the wisdom that was shared with you for as long as you need it

The exchange for an Akashic Mentoring with me is 199 Euro (not Dollars, or any other currency, please make sure to check the exchange rate) to be sent via Paypal.

Before we embark on a journey through your Akashic Records, I'd like to talk to you about your WHY for an Akashic Mentoring and also to give us both the chance to meet each other beforehand, so we can see if our vibrations are in alignment. This appointment will be free of charge of course and will last 30min. at max. We can talk via Zoom or WhatsApp, please let me know your preference when sending me the contact form.

Since I work a full-time job, I can offer any appointments only on weekends. Living in Germany we might also have to see how we can find a time window, which works for both of us. But where there is a will, there is a way and so far me and any clients from overseas were always able to find one.

Get in touch

I'm so glad you're interested in diving into your akashic records with me!

​Please remember to let me know if you prefer to get us to know each other via Zoom, or WhatsApp, as well as what times would work on weekends for you (also including your timezone).

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Thank you so much for your interest in an akashic mentoring with me! I'll be in touch very soon.
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