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Channelings, aka

Mail from Spirit

This is a service, which I only offered in Germany so far, but now I've decided to send these handwritten, channeled messages to wherever they are needed.

Experience has taught me though, that it's best for everyone, to offer these channelings only, when I feel that the time is right. To stay tuned on openings, please sign up for my newsletter (see mainpage), or follow me on Instagram.

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Mail from Spirit comes exclusively as a handwritten letter to you. What I need from you are your full name(s) and birthdate.

​In case of the names it's good for me to know all names you have or had, especially if they changed during your lifetime. Your names help me to establish an energetic connection to you, and sometimes here already Spirit has somethings to share.


For this kind of channeling I will connect to your Solar Plexus Chakra (emotions), your Throat Chakra (spoken words) and to your Third Eye (visual messages). At the end I ask your Spirit Guides for a message and will write down all of it to the best of my ability.

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From Spirit straight to your home

I'll also need a physical address, to which I can mail your channeled messages and will send it as a registered letter, to make sure it will reach its destination safely, since I keep no copies of any channelled messages.

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