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Harmonizing your Chakras

Together we'll take a close look at your seven main energy centres, also known as chakras, to bring them back into harmony and soothe any blockages you might have.

Only in Heidelberg.

45 minutes, 55 Euro.

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Out of alignment

A blocked chakra may show up as a repeated challenge in a certain area of your life, or though a topic like stability or communication. If you know which chakra you want to work on, we can focus on that, but we will also always bring all chakras back into balance with each other.


When harmonizing your chakras it's necessary to work with all main chakras together, although it is possible and likely that we will spend more time on some chakras, than others. That depends on your individual needs and where there might be some imbalance.

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Harmonizing your chakras is an active exchange between you and me. Intuitively I guide you through a meditation and together we visualize all your chakras one after the other, bringing awareness to their energies.

​If you're not the type for visualization, no problem, we can talk it all through during our session.

The first step

During an introduction of 30min max. (free of charge) I​'d love to hear from you, what you think might be the cause for any imbalances in your life and if you already have any experiences with guided meditations, or not. There is no prior knowledge or experience required, it simply helps me to get an idea of how to conduct our session in the best possible way for you.

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Get in touch

Both the introduction via Zoom or WhatsApp (whichever you prefer), as well as the session itself in Heidelberg I only offer on weekends, since I work a fulltime job. If you're interested to see how I may help you, please send me a message and let me know a few dates of your convenience for the free introduction. Thank you so much!

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I'd like to have the introduction via:
Thank you so much for your interest in harmonizing your chakras with me! I'll be in touch with you soon.
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