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Alive and in the Mysteries

There's a part inside of me that feels sorry for being quiet on my English social platforms. Believe me, so often this side is on my mind, especially since I receive most of my teaching through non-german channels. And that's exactly why I'm so much more active and sharing in German, because there I feel that my work is needed.

A couple of months ago I came to realize that I am far more dedicated to the Egyptian Mysteries than I ever anticipated. Unfortunately I have found only one (1, !) German speaking person in Switzerland who also works with those divine energies and although I feel that she is genuine and does amazing work, it does not resonate with me, as there is too much focus on clients who want to make six-digit numbers income a year.

Gosh, folks, nothing is a bigger turn-off for me than spiritual teachers who emphasize how they can help you make more money and manifest your greatest success in life... Could you get any further away from spirituality?

Don't get me wrong, money is important in a 3D world, but when a spiritual teacher says that they can help you to make big money, they're suggesting automatically that you're not making enough money already and thus are spreading a mentality of scarcity.

Abundance and money are two entirely different things which don't need to be connected, but goodness I digress! Back to topic.

On my "English Instagram" gaias_gal I've shared three tiny posts about my work in the Egyptian Mysteries, while for the past couple of weeks at gaias.healing I've published three new posts each week and am pretty active in the stories there as well.

So often I sat there, wanting to translate the content for gaias_gal, but Spirit would not let it come through. I have no idea why and through working in the mysteries I'm constantly learning anew to let go of the need to understand such things. Instead I simply accept them.

In a reading I received about two years ago I was told that this spiritual path of mine will mainly be a solitary one. I wasn't surprised to read it and not sad either, because it doesn't mean that I'm lonely. In my tarot spread for the year a similar message came again for January and it refers to my work in the Egyptian Mysteries.

Given that I've decided to keep sharing it in German it simply makes sense that there won't be many who will join me there. And that's alright. It's a choice I'm making very consciously. This is the path I'm choosing because it feels right and I've got full divine support!

I'd love to geek out on this with you and if you feel like sharing space and exchanging energies, then please get in touch! Not for a reading, or any kind of session with a monetary energy exchange, but simply to be. Be together and share experiences. That's what I've decided to be here for.

But hey, if you happen to feel as if an Akashic Reading with me might be what you need, then by all means let me know and we'll get that covered as well!

Creating and offering community and connection are my main purposes though. I'll happily open a save space whenever, wherever it is needed.

Ask and you shall receive.

I hope to see you on the other side!

Yours truly,


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